1. The Long-Awaited Final 10 Products with Anachronistic-Looking Packaging That I Found at the 99¢ Only Store That You Need To Know About, I Guess

    This Coco Casa Cream of Coconut looks like it’s from…the early 1970s.
    Proof of Its Modernity: “Se habla español” by its toll-free number.
    Where You’d Expect to See It: In a half-page display ad running alongside the Woodward & Bernstein piece in the June 1974 Playboy.
    Buy It Because: It makes excellent piña coladas. (If you can still find it.)
    • I have to admit this one is a bit of a cheat: I did buy this at the 99¢ Only store…about two years ago. They no longer carry it, and the two cans I have left are stamped with expiration dates from February 2010. The website of the manufacturer, Mott’s (the apple juice people), doesn’t list this as one of their products so I doubt it’s still being made. Technically this may not belong on this list, but even a couple of years ago when you could buy it, that colorful tropical illustration – printed directly on the sturdy steel can – gave it a decidedly anachronistic look.

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    Posted by on July 12, 2011, 9:00 AM.

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