1. An Embarrassing Screw-Up In Walmart’s House Brand Graphic Design Department!

    HOLY crap!  I haven’t “blogged,” as they say, in over a month! What did you, what, six readers do with yourselves?

    Well, me, I been busy. But I got something for you today. Oh it’s quick, but don’t worry — you’ll like this one!

    Like you, I love peanut butter. And now in addition to peanut butter, there’s this stuff, that looks just like peanut butter, but technically, it’s not peanut butter:


    And note that the label reads not “peanut butter” but “peanut and natural honey spread.” [Italics mine.] You’d be forgiven if you just picked this up and bought it thinking it’s peanut butter, because I did the same thing, and if I did it, well, I guess anyone could make the same mistake.

    Fact is, it’s actually better than peanut butter. It’s smoother, creamier, and even sweeter than peanut butter. Used to be, every now and then a fellow like me would enjoy a spoonful or two of peanut butter right out of the jar! — if you can believe such a thing. With this stuff, by God, I have a hard time stopping myself from gorging on the entire twenty-eight ounces.


    It’s from the good people at Walmart — where America shops for value. But I first stumbled across this type of peanut butter-like spread — as I said, presuming it was peanut butter — at Ralph’s, with their version. But this Walmart house brand [industry term] is even better than Ralph’s house brand [also an industry term].

    Anyway, the reason I called you all here today is because of this:


    WTF?!  [“What the heck?” — blogging industry term.]

    I don’t get it. Usually when you see “serving suggestion” on food packaging, it’s being run under a photo of the food as it might be prepared and served.

    Here it’s merely words on a label, no photo of the product. Just “serving suggestion.” It makes no sense — no sense at-tall!

    Obviously, some lazy package designer in the Great Value Label Department was asleep at the switch.


    There, I fixed it.

    Walmart, I’ll take payment in a truckload of Great Value Honey Roasted Creamy Peanut and Natural Honey Spread, and believe-me-you, you’re getting off cheap. I could have just as easily contacted the FDA with this and shut your whole operation down.

    Posted by on August 30, 2015, 11:49 AM.

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