1. The Long-Awaited Final 10 Products with Anachronistic-Looking Packaging That I Found at the 99¢ Only Store That You Need To Know About, I Guess

    These Uncle William Original Baked Beans look like they’re from…the mid-1930s.
    Proof of Its Modernity: Microwave directions.
    Where You’d Expect to See It: In the background of a picture in a 1936 Life Magazine photo essay about the Dust Bowl.
    Buy It Because: They’re really good.
    • I love the label – a bowl of beans on an otherwise stark field of deep, dark blue, with the brand name in an old-looking style of lettering. Purchased solely to include in this piece based on the packaging, I ended up eating them last week when the cupboard was bare. The verdict: Surprisingly delicious. You can have your Bush’s, your B&M, your Campbell’s, your Van Camp’s, your Heinz. Make mine Uncle William. I’ve since bought another can – a ringing endorsement indeed.

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    Posted by on July 12, 2011, 9:00 AM.

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