1. You Are NOT Going to Believe This!

    OMG!  I don’t want to ruin the surprise but I have totally found your Christmas present…!!!!!

    You don’t already have it, do you?  You probably do, don’t you?  I can’t imagine you don’t have it!  Oh my God, it would be soooooo cool if you don’t have it and I’m the one who found it for you!  I mean, I saw this and

    I.  Just.  About.  Screeeeeamed!!!!!

    …right there in the store. Right there in the store! Oh my God. I almost sent you a picture of it from my iPhone but then I thought, no, I’m not going to ruin the surprise.  And here I am ruining the surprise.  Can you blame me?

    Seriously, do you already have it?  You can tell me if you do!  I won’t be offended if you already have it.  I can bring it back and get you the Twilight one instead. Either way, I want to give it to you early, so you can enjoy it all Christmas season long!

    But I have a feeling that even if you already have it, you’re going to want another one.  If you have one already (it’s cool if you do – TELL ME!!!!  PLEASE!!!!) you can hang this one on your rearview mirror. Or I can tell everyone else about it and we can each get you one and your entire tree will be nothing but these!  How amazing would that be?????

    And yes, I know, we agreed to a $5 limit this year, but how could I say no?  If you really feel you want to keep everything even (totally NOT necessary!) you can pay for my brunch at the Abbey on Sunday.

    Or you can take me out for sushi. Let’s do sushi, okay?  Or the Abbey, it’s up to you. Why don’t we do both?

    You totally love it, right?????

    Posted by on November 12, 2011, 2:16 AM.

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