1. You 你说 Potato and I 我说 Potahto

    I was at Dollarama recently and I came across a delightfully enormous facing (industry term) of these things:

    Like you’d be, I was all “Potato?”

    First of all, what were they? Secondly, why were there so many of them here? And thirdly, “Potato?”

    Upon closer inspection, I got the answer to my first question:

    They’re little two-handled plastic drinking cups for very small children, complete with measuring marks on the back.

    As to my second question, why were there so many of them  – when you or I, back in our retail days, would have maybe put out two or free facings of these things, leaving room for other merchandise? The best answer I can come up with for that one is…well, this is Reseda we’re talking about. People, eh, tend to have, um, a lot of babies around here. Perhaps these cups are a hot item.

    However my third query – “Potato?” – still had me stumped. So I looked up the manufacturer online, hoping for some answers. I got them!


    That’s presumably the happy young couple, Mr. and Mrs. Wang, up there with their baby. Their brand story is, you’ll agree, a fascinating and inspiring one:

    In year 1990, Mr. and Mrs. Wang have entered into the field of baby products production and development. At that time, there are only few baby products manufacturer in China, especially in baby bottle and nipple production. Because of the lack of technical knowledge, the quality in preliminary market is grievously. In order to supply baby with a safe and healthy growth environment, Mr. Wang, as a technical expert, research for several days and nights, breach the technical difficulties.

    You’ll agree with me we’re all very fortunate that Mr. Wang didn’t give up in the fight against grievously, in his quest for perfection, after just one day and night but put his nose to the grindstone for several.

    Mr. and Mrs. Wang chose Japan Shin-Etsu Company as our long-term nipple material supplier, South Korea Samsung Total as a reliable PP material supplier, and then in year 2000, create the brand “POTATO”. Brand “Potato” now has been the symbol of high quality in both domestic market and oversea market.

    It’s true. Forget Evenflo, Playtex, Gerber – today the benchmark for high quality baby products is Potato.

    So that’s the Potato story. But it doesn’t end there because as you surmised from reading the above, the manufacturer, Aqin Plastics, has a whole line of Potato products. Or, perhaps more accurately, a whole field of Potato products:


    Look, if you’re going to stuff your Maidenform with spuds, you’ll want something to prevent chafing.


    Not only is it safe and convenience for mohter, but unlike those purely ornamental breast pumps, this one works!


    Wow, they’ve sure come a long way from the potato pacifiers Nana told me she used to suck on as a toddler when her parents were working the zemiakov fields outside Prague. These don’t have any dirt or roots on them.


    Funny coincidence: the fellas at the gym call me “Potato Nipples” due to the combination of my gynecomastia and an unfortunate condition marked by small knobby protuberances and dry, discolored skin – and let me tell you, brother, I wish my nipples looked as good (or were as pliable) as the one up there.

    And that sampling’s just the tip of the potatoberg, to coin a phrase. For bushels more of great Potato baby products, visit their flagship store, the Potato T-Mall, right here online!

    Who knew that a time-killing visit to Dollarama in Reseda while I was having my oil changed would result in a virtual trek halfway ’round the world, where I, and now you, would learn about one Chinese man, his wife, their little Wang-baby and a shared dream for “honest reputation,quality first,customers first,excellence” and “go better and better in future.”

    I think Mr. Wang said it best when he summed up his Potato brand philosophy with this:


    Because of the baby, life becauses more beautiful…Life sundently full of sunshine&laughter.

    Truer words were never spoken.


    Posted by on January 18, 2013, 8:25 PM.

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