1. World’s Oldest UPC Symbol!

    HERE’S a cute little butter dish we’ve got for you!

    Can we, eh, get a closeup of the price on the lid, please?

    Wonderful!  Now just to be thorough, let’s take the lid off, and see that there’s a matching price tag on the bottom of this butter dish “set,” hm…?

    Excellent!  Complete butter dish set comprised of tasteful butterdome and sturdy butterplate. Everything’s included! Nothing else to buy! ‘Cept the butter, ha ha!

    At Goodwill we don’t rook you by making you purchase the two elements separately. No sir, one easy payment of $12.99 gets you both!

    Hey!  Hey, what are you doing?! It’s in fine shape, there’s absolutely no reason to inspect it any further by turning the plate over…!

    Okay, whatever. Looks good, right, okay? Let’s ring you up then—  Don’t you dare go in for a closeup! No!  Don’t you dare!

    Um…I don’t know why you’re complaining! $12.99 is a steal for an antique!  Sure! Look at the upper right corner of the original price tag – it’s from 1886!

    Posted by on August 30, 2012, 6:36 AM.

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