1. ¿What’s Bueno? Pop Rock-like Vitamins! Sort of.

    ¡Es Muy Bueno!

    Discovered in the health & beauty aisle at my local Dollar Tree!

    VitaRocks C Immune System Support Dietary Supplement!


    “No Water Needed”  reads the box. “Just Pop In Your Mouth!”

    Like you’d be, I was intrigued. Could this be Vitamin C in fizzing candy form?! I gambled a buck to find out. For you, my readers.

    Once home, I tore into that box and found fourteen of these packets inside:


    So I ripped one open and what I found inside there, well, eh, I didn’t take a photo of.

    Orange powder.  Or it would have been, had it not been all clumped together.

    I ingested it — and why not? — I paid for it.

    Tasted like a pulverized chewable Vitamin C tablet, it did.

    I thought I detected a bit of fizziness, so throwing caution to the wind (and possibly risking a Vitamin C overdose — what I do for you what, six, readers!), I dug into another packet, the contents of which were more powdery, less clumpy, and yes, fizzier.

    Eventually, I read the damn box and yes, it confirms the popping aspect of this product:

    “Enjoy a burst of orange flavor while getting immune-boosting benefits all in a great-tasting, popping vitamin!”

    Fourteen packs for a buck is nothing to sneeze at, and the benefits of Vitamin C may well prevent you from sneezing altogether.*
    *Sneezing is often associated with having a cold.

    Despite the expiration date on the bottom being almost six months in the future, it seems that some of the contents’ packets were clumpier than others, with VitaRocks’ celebrated popping being more pronounced in the less clumpy ones (or, conversely, less pronounced in the more clumpy ones).

    Still, I found that if it’s the popping that you’re aiming for (and you should be), clumpy or no, tap the contents of a packet into your gaping maw, but then chew it with your mouth open, like a damn cow.

    For whatever reason, that seems to enhance the popping; but if you look like me (and you don’t), it doesn’t make for a pretty picture. A healthy immune system has its costs.

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