1. ¿What’s Bueno at the Dollar Store? This Tablet From Super Dollar!

    SUPER Dollar’s an anomaly among my local dollar stores.

    It opened about four years ago in a mid-sized retail location along busy Topanga Canyon Boulevard here in the lovely San Fernando Valley.

    Coupla strange things about Super Dollar:

    It originally didn’t look like a no-name, one-off dollar store. The logo, the signage inside — it seemed to be one of a chain of stores, like 99¢ Only and Dollar Tree. But it’s the only “Super Dollar” around (though there are Super Dollars on the East Coast with a slightly different logo). I get the impression my local Super Dollar was possibly an unfortunate franchise opportunity for someone who didn’t realize around here, independent dollar stores do fine without any big name.

    The other weird thing was that the store had about twice as much space as it had merchandise, so it always looked understocked.

    But they remedied that about two years ago when they closed off roughly half of the interior of the store and rented it to another business, and brought in a bunch more shelves and a ton more merchandise for the area they kept.


    Now that’s a dollar store, dammit!

    My favorite recent item, and now yours, can be found in the toy aisle:


    It’s a tablet, and while it doesn’t have a ton of memory to download a huge number of apps, neither is it prone to crashing.

    It’s great for kids as well as professionals, such as those who design labels for jars of peppers — frankly, I think this tagline on the package…


    …kind of says it all.

    So the choice is yours: An Apple iPad starting at about $400 if you insist on going with a name brand, or this more economical choice for a dollar.


    My rating: 4-1/2 out of 7 Dollar Signs.

    I would have awarded a higher score except this manufacturer is known for the rapid obsolescence of its products: There’s already rumors that the next generation tablet will feature a foam sponge over 1/8″ larger in overall area and an unlicensed, crudely traced image of Elsa from “Frozen” on the box of chalk.

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