1. We Both Know It’s Wrong!

    IT’S FUNNY how things work out sometimes. I was leaving the gym the other day and I came across this in the parking lot.


    Can you see the seat covers in the car?  They’re these:


    I’d been looking for someone to take care of Nana Parsnips when I take off for Vegas for a long, lost weekend-slash-bender. What better In-Home Care-Giving Service than “California’s #One In-Home Care-Giving Service” that features the Grim Reaper as their unofficial automotive upholstery logo, right?

    But it gets better, and unfortunately, if I were to prove it, I’d open myself to all sorts of litigation and even more people picking on me at the gym when they realize I’m the jackass taking pictures of vehicles in the parking lot.

    Anyway: The website of their in-home care-giving service, which I ingeniously blacked out to minimize the inevitable settlement I’ll be paying for the sake of entertaining you, what, six regulars…? Well, when you visit it, and then click on the “About Us” section offering little bios of their employees…?

    It plays the 1972 soul hit “Me and Mrs. Jones.”

    Honest to God!

    Sure, they’ll probably end up killing Nana, but at least she’ll die with a smile on her face.

    Posted by on February 22, 2013, 6:07 AM.

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