1. Taint Funny, McGee!

    Okay, come on.

    Come on!

    As though the headline wasn’t enough, they run a picture of a kid splashing in some water beneath it? Oh, like they didn’t know exactly what they were doing!  Slow news day – even for the silly season – at the end of a shortened holiday week.  Plus the regular editor’s on vacation probably.  He won’t find out until a few weeks from now when Leno holds this up on “The Tonight Show” and says something like, “Gee, honey, is it me or does the iced tea you made taste vaguely like bologna?”

    I guarantee you’d never see something like this on the front page of the LA Times.

    And this is precisely why the Daily News gets my business!

    Posted by on July 9, 2011, 3:09 AM.

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