1. Son of a Glitch!

    BACK IN AUGUST, Leo Laporte, on his show The Tech Guy, sheepishly admitted to having spent three hundred dollars on the mobile game “The Simpsons: Tapped Out” by Electronic Arts before it crapped out: The game irreparably crashed and he was done with it.


    Leo went on to half-jokingly (?) advise listeners to “never, ever, ever, ever, ever play an Electronic Arts game,” because “they don’t care [and] they will break your heart.” Though he said it all laughingly, my guess is he was more annoyed than he let on but didn’t want to piss off a large tech company.

    But I can understand his sentiments: EA Games quarterly report announced they had already made over $50 million on Tapped Out since it debuted in February 2012, and almost $10 million of that was in March of this year.


    Given all that money, any glitches and problems with the game might seem inexcusable. Questions about problems with the game are ignored on EA’s own message boards and forums so many players instead head over to fansite “Tapped Out Tips” to find answers.

    I’ve been lucky – I’ve had few problems with the game, aside from it quitting abruptly from time to time (and more so than ever during their current Halloween event).  But I have seen my share of texture glitches. Click here to see my first post on this topic.

    And, well, since that entry got a lot of hits, here’s a bunch more glitches I took screen caps of since then!


    No, that’s not Jesus walking on water. That’s the stupid do-nothing Fiddler I accidentally bought for 50 donuts and now she doesn’t know her place – namely the Squidport boardwalk.


    The mob has taken over Springfield – or at least its headquarters, the Legitimate Businessman’s Social Club, has taken over all my brown houses.


    Channel 6 is experiencing technical difficulties. Please stand by.


    It’s like the day after Halloween – a series of broken eggs litter the streets of Springfield.


    The Aztec Theater glitches itself into the Googolplex.


    Able to leap Valentine’s trees in a single bound, it’s SuperMarge!


    Who knew Drederick Tatum had a twin brother who also has an identical pet tiger?


    Seeing Otto passed out on the lawn outside the bowling alley may not seem unusual, but he’s actually supposed to be on the roof of the school bus.


    Forty Carls growing out of the ground – the monstrous effects of a mishap at the nuclear power plant, perhaps?


    Maybe not – it’s affected Grampa, too.


    Decapitated Scratchy balloons? Clearly the work of my Itchy balloons.

    Multiples of a static character in a line was happening to me for a while:


    Hans Moleman leads his underground army above ground?


    From the Whacking Day event, six (unwhackable) snakes in a row.


    Hmm…do we really want Snake in charge of guarding Springfield Penitentiary?

    And speaking of characters as fences…


    It seems Miss Springfield really is as dumb as a post, or a series of posts. Here she is at Krustylu Studios. By the way, some of you keep your holiday items in your inventory. Me, I keep ’em on the Krustylu backlot. (People on the studio tour love to see this stuff.)


    Bumblebee Man tapes an unfortunate skit for his show on Channel Ocho about the border fence.


    These evil talking Krusty dolls will keep anyone out!


    Oh, the indignity.  Sideshow Mel goes from second banana to landscaping.

    And, finally, this one?


    I don’t know what to say except it didn’t last nearly as long as I’d have wanted it to.

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