1. So The Head of The Ted Parsnips Website Design Team Is Crying Poverty Again!

    …and I almost authorized a raise! Almost!

    Thankfully, that very afternoon I decided to take my post-lunch constitutional through the employee parking lot and saw him walking away from his car.


    Just so you know, folks…? If any of you ever apply for work here at Ted Parsnips, LLC…?

    It’s bad form to have more chrome swans than your boss. And frankly, at eighteen, even I admit I’m pushing the envelope of good taste. But twenty-two! There’s just no excuse! The mudflap babes are, of course, completely acceptable.

    Anyway, to teach the miscreant savante (French word!) a lesson, I plucked out one of his precious bulldog’s googly eyes – the right one.  (His right! The bulldog’s right! Sheesh!) He’ll get it back when – and only when – I get that total website redesign I keep hearing promises about!

    Posted by on July 17, 2012, 5:36 AM.

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