1. So I Was Shoplifting From Target The Other Day…

    …or rather, I was about to.

    I mean, a fellow could go broke buying razor blades otherwise!


    Forty-two bucks?!  And you only get a dozen!

    Let’s remember, folks, I’m Slovak – a dozen razors only keeps my neck, shoulders and about a third of my back reasonably smooth for about four days, if that.

    So I’m heading towards the exit with these – and, sure, I’m aware that these security disks start emitting a loud, high-pitched screech when you try to get past those posts at the doors. But I had my earplugs in and my running shoes on – I wasn’t too worried.

    Thank God, though, I turned it over before I went through with it!


    Apparently now they also release live spiders!  No thank you!

    Posted by on July 23, 2014, 4:33 PM.

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