1. Six Goodwill Posters, Seven Grammy Nominations!

    Congratulations to Ryan Lewis and Macklewhosis!


    While they were just Grammy-nominated for song of the year for “Same Love,” perhaps they’re better known for “Thrift Shop” –  whose lyrics Goodwill cleverly co-opted for use on posters in their Southern California store windows earlier this year:

    Coppin’ it, washin’ it, ’bout to go and get some compliments


    I’m gonna pop some tags


    Only got twenty dollars in my pocket


    I-I-I’m hunting, looking for a come-up, this is f—ing awesome


    I wear your granddad’s clothes.


    I look incredible.


    And so on.

    Surprisingly, there’s no corresponding posters for the lyrics “What up, I got a big —-!” or “I’ll take those flannel zebra jammies, second-hand, I rock that mother——” or even “That’s just some ignorant b—-.”

    Still, (used, unwashed) hats off to Goodwill for having their finger on the pulse of pop culture.

    By the way, for you folks over the age of, what?, twenty-five, “pop some tags” means removing price tags after you’ve purchased the item. But don’t feel bad! Judging by all the discarded paper stubs and price stickers on the floors and tucked into the walls of Goodwill dressing rooms, I think a number of their shoppers may have misinterpreted the song as well. goodwilltags

    Posted by on December 7, 2013, 4:54 AM.

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