1. Seventeenth Filner Accuser Steps Forward!

    AND the list continues to grow.

    Today a seventeenth woman has accused embattled San Diego mayor Bob Filner of sexual harassment.

    Janet Wood, a florist from Santa Monica, California, has stated that Filner once “chased her around the kitchen table” and directed her to “slow down so I can catch ya.”

    She offered as proof photographs of the ordeal.



    Update: Whoops! Thanks to eagle-eyed reader Arlene H. who pointed out that these are merely screen caps from the Three’s Company episode “Jack’s Graduation” which features the similarly (allegedly) lecherous character Dean Travers, the headmaster of the cooking school attended by Jack Tripper.

    Travers was played by character actor William Pierson who bears a striking resemblance to San Diego Mayor Bob Filner.


    That’s Pierson on the left, Filner on the right.  I think. You can see how I’d make such a mistake.

    We regret the error.

    Posted by on August 16, 2013, 3:25 AM.

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