1. Recently, @Wendy’s!

    “Budek!  Just got a memo from Corporate!  They want us to push— …Budek? Budek!”

    “Choost a second! I yim almost finished. …Annnd sended!  Jes, what is it, Boss?”

    “Budek, shame on you! You know my policy against smartphone use during work hours! Put that thing away!

    Anyway, Corporate wants us to push the spicy chicken sandwich! We want customers to know we’ve added our own special mix of spices — black pepper, red pepper, and chili pepper to their favorite chicken breast. Topped with mayo, lettuce, and red, ripe tomato, Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich is more delicious and harder to resist than ever.

    So up on your ladder, Budek, and make me proud!”


    “Hold on, Boss. ‘Can’t…chat…now…boss…being…’ Boss, how is it you spell the bag of dush?”

    “The sign, Budek, the sign!”



    Posted by on October 22, 2015, 10:17 PM.

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