1. Quax! The Yummy Ducky!

    NOW here’s something I want you to take a look at.  All of you.  Come on over here.

    Look at this.  It’s “Quax – the Yummy Ducky.”

    He’s from the good people at Palmer – the Easter candy people.

    Quax is a delight.  He looks just like a rubber ducky.  Really.  This thing would be right at home in your tub.  A little something to eat while you wash, sure.

    And the package illustration…?  As though he’s just this instant splashed down in a pond among the cattails…?  A duck – in a pond?  Brilliant.

    Here’s our problem though, and you, you’re smart like me – so you already know what it is.

    Quax is a “Hollow Milk Flavored Candy Duck.”

    What in the name of all things holy, and also Easter, is “hollow milk”?  Do you mind telling me what that is?

    And it doesn’t just appear on the front, oh no!  The folks at Palmer, at least they’re consistent with their questionable typography decisions!  They’ve got it on the side panels…

    …and on the back:

    Now, here’s how you and me, how we’d have done it:



    Candy Duck



    Hollow Candy Duck

    Right?  Right…?!

    Now then.  …What is “milk flavored?”  And shouldn’t there be a hyphen in there?

    Posted by on March 24, 2011, 2:01 AM.

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