1. The Lady On The Placemat!

    REMEMBER how the other day I was going on and on and on about coloring books and then it devolved into me complaining about the lousy image quality on WordPress?  Sure, we all do.

    Well, as regular readers of this blog know, the other night I had dinner at El Gallo Giro. (I of course had one of those tortas — or ‘Mexican sandwiches of deliciousness.’)

    So while I was waiting for them to prepare it, I noticed on top of one of their counters, they had little boxes of crayons…and placemats, that — following this recent trend of coloring in things — that you can color in.

    As you would have done, I distracted the counter-help and stole one!

    Here it is!


    “Yeah, big deal, Ted, you jackass!  You’re always stealing something!  That’s how you people are!”

    Okay, you got me — and my people — there (sheesh, I tell ya, us Slovaks are the last demographic it’s still perfectly acceptable to stereotype!). But aren’t you at least the least bit curious about her?

    The lady, I mean!  No, no — not Abuelita, at the left end of the table.

    This one, below, at the right end of the table! Look!  Look!


    This one!  Up there!  Her!

    The rest of the people were obviously drawn by one person, in the Gallo Giro coloring placemat illustration house-style [industry term], but she sticks out like a sore thumb!  Or more precisely, like an overlong finger!

    Anyway, I contacted Frank H. Knudsen, Jr., head of Coloring Placemat Design at Gallo Giro Corporate and he said—

    …Okay, no, of course I didn’t contact anyone!

    But today I noticed Gallo Giro’s current billboard and ads feature that same lady, in real-life, and so that’s why she’s on this month’s placemat.


    Like you, I love that they used her image, in line-art form [graphic design term] for that thing! But more importantly: mystery solved — we can all go to bed now!

    Posted by on June 3, 2016, 4:28 AM.

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