1. One Fine Day In the Meeting Room of the Discount Breakfast Cereal Company!

    “Awright you two, the boys in Research & Development have given us a great new sweetened multi-grained cereal – now it’s up to us to design the packaging!”
    “Okay, boss – what’s the flavor?”
    “Good question, Jones – it’s ‘honey oat.'”
    “Well, I think we should really focus on the flavor and—-”
    “—-Flavor, schmavor! Jones, you and your half-baked ideas of package design! What I want to know, boss, is what’s the cereal shaped like?”
    “Let’s see, Wilson – they’re, eh, little rings.”
    “That’s it! Perfunctory nod to the flavor (keep Jones happy) – but clearly we need to highlight the shape.”
    “Sounds good to me! We’re done here! Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch, everyone?”

    See, the word for the shape is bigger than the words describing the flavor, which is what most people would be concerned with.

    Posted by on July 24, 2012, 5:35 AM.

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