1. Mystery and Intrigue!

    It’s happening again!

    I came out of the post office this afternoon and found that someone had left an ominous message on my car.


    At first I thought it was a coupon for microwave popcorn, but then I re-read the headline and realized it was something far more sinister.

    Looks like this freelance writer/part-time San Fernando Valley Vocational College professor of iconology, symbology and Mexican gang tags is once again being pulled into some dangerous, lightning-paced escapade that’ll take me all over Europe, while revealing earth-shattering truths about history and religion, challenging my beliefs in the Church and quite possibly shaking my very faith to its core.

    But who left it?  Who’s been watching me so closely to know that I check my p.o. box precisely every few days or so? And usually some time in the afternoon after I’ve woken up, dragged my ass out of bed, sobered up, had lunch, and played a little online Monopoly: World Edition?

    Perhaps these muddy paw prints on the trunk are a clue – the first in a series of increasingly intricate riddles I’ll have to decipher in order to find out who is behind this nefarious puzzle and lay bare an explosive ancient truth before it’s lost forever.


    Naah.  Pretty sure they’ve been there for weeks.

    Posted by on January 15, 2014, 12:46 AM.

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