1. [Keep] Baby Alive!


    Here’s a Halloween surprise for you, from the good folks at that thrift store up near my gym!

    A coupla, whaddayacall, suitcases!  Just sittin’ there in the appliance section! 

    Two of them, there were!


    Turns out I’m in the market for a good quality used suitcase!  This fits the bill!


    Wait a second, it seems kind of heavy!  Maybe there’s something inside…

    Why, there is something inside!


    Oh my — it’s Resusci Baby!


    He’s adorable!

    But since there’s two suitcases…  Could it be…?


    Yes!  It’s Resusci Baby’s twin brother! Oh how will we ever tell ’em apart?!

    Of course…!


    By wrapping electrical tape around one of their wrists — just like they do in the maternity wards of our better hospitals.


    “I love you Resusci Baby!”

    Resusci Baby comes in his own carrying case. Resusci Baby’s twin brother sold separately. By Hasbr—


    …er, by Laerdal Medical Corp.

    Posted by on October 29, 2015, 11:44 AM.

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