1. Important Pizzal Update!

    PIZZAL?  Pizzial…? Whatever, you know what I mean. Of, or relating to, pizza of course!

    Anyway, remember, when I first got my blogging license – oh, gosh, what was it, like twelve years ago…?

    …I wrote about this place…?

    Well, look!  They’re back in the news! And by “the news,” I mean on my door knob!

    Boy, she’s still enjoying that pizza, huh?

    Since I first blogged about Pizza Ptus, that “little girl” has grown up, gone to college, gotten married, gone back to college, earned her degree in Outer Space Sciences and is now the first lady astronaut living on Mars! To paraphrase Sir Paul McCartney, what an amazing world in which we live in, right?

    There’s other changes, too.  They added the clever tagline (industry term) “slice of heaven.”  I like it!

    Wait, can door hangers (industry term, different industry) have taglines? Hey, I’m going to say they can! Why the hell not, right? After all, we are the music makers. And we are the dreamers of dreams.

    Also of note:

    • They’ve switched from a horseshoe-shaped cut to allow for the ingress of a doorknob to a asteriskal aperture-type multi-cut. Very progressive. Bold move. Bold move!
    • While they no longer offer a cary out special, they’re now featuring something called a “carry out special.” Whatever that is!
    • They’ve adjusted the color! The photo of the calzone no longer looks like a cigarette butt someone ground out under their shoe on the sidewalk!
    • Goofs – Continuity: The little girl is seen gnawing on a slice of pepperoni pizza, but the pizza in the foreground obviously has at least three additional different toppings on it.
    • I didn’t notice this last time but behind the bottle of Coke…?  Yes – swirly design things!
    Oh and most of the prices have gone up since last time.

    Anyway, the thing to take away from this is – aside from the fact, as my attorney helpfully points out, that this place still has delicious food – is that without obvious last minute, throw-anything-the-hell-up-on-the-blog posts like this, you really wouldn’t appreciate the good posts, like, oh, I don’t know – what was a good one? – the one about the, oh let’s say the one about the animal crackers. Sure, why not?

    Posted by on September 1, 2012, 5:38 AM.

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