1. Ghastly Glassware Goof!

    OVER thirty percent of my, what, six regular readers work either in the creative fields of graphics design or copywriting, or both. They’ll tell you, and now I’ll tell you, that with the number of eyes looking at a design or a block of text for an ad or a product before it’s OK’d, how much of a head-scratcher it is when a mistake somehow makes it through to production…especially in a case when there’s only one thing to screw up: the spelling of a word  – as seen on this plastic tumbler I saw in Target’s Halloween section today.


    If you look carefully below it, however, you’ll see that whoever works in the department that creates the little tags that go on the shelves where they stock the products…?  Well, apparently their spellcheck works.

    ‘Course it wouldn’t be like me to just snap a picture, post it here, and leave it at that, would it?

    So I called up Target’s Customer Relations, and after much haranguing, eventually convinced them to transfer me to someone in Supplier & Vendor Services. More arguing ensued before I got hold of the distributor, then finally the manufacturer – and believe-you-me, after six hours on the phone, I was ready to let ’em have it.

    They told me they were aware of the error and had fired the graphic designer responsible for it – as they should have.

    I demanded his name so I could make sure this sort of thing didn’t happen again. A quick search on LinkedIn showed that apparently he didn’t stay unemployed for long – a costume company that makes outfits for Target’s competitor Walmart snatched him right up!


    Mm.   …Well, here we go again, folks!

    Posted by on September 24, 2013, 10:53 PM.

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