1. Former Hostess Employee Finds Work!

    HEY, this kid I know used to work for Hostess, but then he was let go a week or so ago. Crap!  But he’s a regular go-getter – not one to sit around and mope and complain and just wait for something to fall into his lap. He goes out there and makes things happen!

    So he saw an opportunity, realized he had to slightly reinvent himself, maybe start wearing pants, change his look just a little…

    …and bingo!  He got the job!  Just like that! He’s already back in the work force!

    Look! Look!

    Good for him, right?

    I think he looks happier than ever – probably because he’s no longer worried about his job. Or maybe because he’s started carrying a gun. Who can say?

    Posted by on December 1, 2012, 5:55 PM.

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