1. Banking By Hashtag!

    UNLIKE you, I do most of my banking online – yes, right here at the computer!

    Oh, it’s possible!

    You see, I’m what they call an “early adopter” [industry term]; that is, someone who begins using new technology just as soon as it becomes available. Why, we’re still the only house on the block with Web-TV!

    So when Chase introduced this “online banking” business, brother, I hopped right onboard! Right onboard! Let me at it!

    Anyway, yesterday I logged into my Chase accounts to review the vast Parsnips fortune. After I signed off, I saw this screen:


    Finally!  The future is now, people!

    See, like most technologically savvy people, I’d much rather publicly interact with my bank using social media to help resolve any issues with my accounts than oh, I don’t know, privately email the bank, or God forbid, call a customer service line to speak with someone directly.

    However, I’m a bit concerned that I’d be able to adequately explain whatever problem I might be experiencing and include my name, account number, PIN number (or “Personal Identification Number” number), and possibly even Social Security number – so they know who’s having the problem! – in just 140 characters. But I reckon they’ve got that figured out somehow.

    So thank you, Chase Customer Support, for using social media to strengthen and build relationships with your customers, customers like me!

    I’d have tweeted them that, but it’s not a question or an issue that needs resolving.

    Posted by on December 22, 2013, 9:41 PM.

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