1. An Unlikely Find!

    HERE’S some pleasant tomfoolery that’ll soon have you clutching your sides!

    It seems yours truly was going through the medicine chest in the bathroom today and came across this:

    A handy tube of Cutter brand Sport Pack Insect Repellant, sure. Where’s the payoff, you ask?

    Keep your shirt on, Pagliacci, it’s coming!

    So it occurs to me, Gee, Ted, you’ve had that forever, it seems.

    And then I turn it around and look at the date on the back – and I haven’t had it forever, but I have had it…

    ...since 1993!

    How about that! Through three apartments and a house, two divorces and an aborted attempt at a “domestic partnership” (Don’t ask!), six months in a commune and fourteen months in County, somehow, I kept this thing with me!  And here’s the kicker – it just keeps getting better, folks! – through about a dozen camping trips, where I’d’ve actually used it, I never brought it with me!

    Yet the question remained: Eighteen years later, is it still good?

    And how!

    Feel free to share this one with the boys at the 19th Hole at Fairview on Sunday afternoon.

    Posted by on May 18, 2011, 9:00 AM.

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