1. An Overdue Salute to One of the Links in the Link Section Over There On the Left!

    AS YOU KNOW, each month I like to highlight one of the websites I’ve got over there in my “Links” section below.  It’s my way of giving back to the community. Well, that and cleaning the men’s rooms at the library every goddamn Saturday for the next six months, but the website thing isn’t court-mandated.

    My salute to the hyperlink for the Annual Budget & Financial Reports for Smyrna, Georgia was an enormous smash back in October, and I was honored when the celebration culminated in me flying out there and receiving a key to the city from the mayor, as well taking part in a local Smyrna tradition, the tattooing of a ten-year-old child.

    When I shined a spotlight on our Idaho Bee Removal Directory link, I got cards and letters for weeks afterwards, nearly all of them telling me that the link was dead. (It’s since been fixed! Stop writing already!)

    And the others – the veneer softener link, the salad dressing link? Enormous homeruns for both TedParsnips.com and, these, my sister sites.

    …Oh, and of course I’d like to again apologize to those of you who clicked on the link for that freelance writer – I wasn’t aware of the hard drive-frying malware on his site, and I’m working with the Ted Parsnips Web Design Team to delete his link from the list, as well as from this post (Why did I even include it here? And twice?!), but you know the Ted Parsnips Web Design Team and their lack of urgency about anything that doesn’t concern lunch!

    Anyway, the one site from my Links I haven’t yet spotlighted is that of Mad Magazine. I had intended to, of course, but due to the notorious litigiousness of Warner Brothers, I was afraid that even mentioning the name of the magazine in an actual post would leave me wide open to some sort of never-ending copyright infringement lawsuit. Or that Voldemort himself might appear and hit me with his dreaded Ceasium et Desisto curse.

    So my attorney called up Warner Bros.’ legal department (or at least he said he did, and then billed me for it) and he’s given me the all-clear sign, and now we’re ready to really celebrate that which is Mad’s blog: The Idiotical.

    So here’s a link to that.  You should visit it.

    …Okay, let me bang the drum here for them a bit more:  It’s good stuff, and brother, no one writes a hooker vomit joke like the staff of Mad.

    Above: I think I can include that here because they’ve watermarked it so I’m just really sending more traffic (all five or six of you regulars!) to them. But if my site is gone tomorrow, pal, you’ll know why. You’ll know why.

    But what’s even better than their daily posts?  The advertisements. Yes, the ads!

    Oh, sure, people claim constantly that founder William Gaines swore you’d never see an advertisment in Mad, and for all you know, having not picked up an actual goddamn issue in the last eleven years, they still don’t. But Gaines never said anything about the website!  The website’s fair game!

    So why are the ads on Mad’s website so awesome…?

    Because they’re customized for the typical Mad reader!

    Posted by on January 24, 2012, 4:03 AM.

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