1. A Necktie!

    HERE’S proof that you can’t believe everything you read on the internet, or even in a book that one of those so-called “animation historians” write!

    According to (ooh la la!) “Wikipedia,” the only time Speedy Gonzales and the Road Runner ever appeared together was in the admittedly classic and justifiably beloved cartoon from the golden age of Warner Bros. theatrical shorts, 1965’s “The Great Chase.”

    Ha I say!  HA!

    Well, then, all you Jeremy Becks and John Cainraisers, explain this!

    Do I need to go in for a close-up?
    Oh, yes, please, let’s get a close-up so there’s no mistaking here!
    So there’s no “Well,  I couldn’t see it so you must have been lying again!”

    It’s all there, blue and green, clear as crystal!

    We’ve got, left to right, someone with a thyroid condition, three similar-looking fellows of unknown origin, and, yes, a morose Road Runner and a cheerful Speedy Gonzales. Together! Together in the same goddamn project!

    Pay up!

    Also, there’s someone (a ninja?) strung up in a tree…

    A wide swath of Charles Schulz-type humiliating laughter – the kind that has bedeviled poor Sally when she’s said something stupid in front of the class…

    And that guy from Asterix.

    And where can you see this?  Oh, not on whatever slightly repackaged collection of the same 600 or so cartoons Warner Bros. is offering on DVD this month, oh no!  Don’t hold your breath waiting for W-B to release this ultra-rare team-up!

    Much like Disney only allowing “Song of the South” for sale to the home video market in Japan where apparently there aren’t any black people, Warner Bros. doesn’t have the cojones to release this tie here, so good luck getting it unless you live in Italy or China (depending on whether you want to believe the embroidered label or the paper tag).

    However, you can probably score a bootleg copy at Comic-Con this year (if Warner Bros.’ legal department doesn’t catch wind of this first).

    Or do what I did, which is pick one up at the 99¢ Only Store next to the loose underpants.

    Posted by on May 10, 2011, 9:00 AM.

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