1. A Hearty Meal!

    GUESS where I had lunch the other day!

    No, go ahead, guess!

    I’ll give you a hint!

    I wiped my face with one of these!

    That’s right, I had lunch at Wienerschnitzel.

    Hey, they’re celebrating 50 years of good food this year! How often does a fast food place print on their napkins? Never, I reckon. You know this one’s going in the ol’ scrapbook. Don’t worry – it’s not the one I used to wipe my face with – that one was all greasy so I threw it away!

    The uninitiated are probably saying, “Well, if it’s called Wienerschnitzel, why does their coat of arms have a D/W on it?”

    I’ll tell you, if you’ll settle down for a moment! Jesus Christ.

    Originally, it was called “Der Wienerschnitzel.” But at some point they dropped the “Der” because it made everyone who eats there sound stupid.  “Hey, where you going for lunch?” “Der…Wienerschnitzel.” “What are you, stupid?”

    I hear tell of a Wienerschnitzel in Burbank where they serve beer. I hear tell of it, but I’ve never been.

    Look, you can probably copy and paste that napkin image up there a few times so it repeats and make yourself some new desktop wallpaper. Why don’t you do that? Then send me pictures of your desktop, and maybe you’ll win a prize.

    Posted by on May 17, 2011, 9:00 AM.

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