1. A Day For Giving Thanks!

    …for my world-famous deviled eggs – that is, if you were lucky enough to wrangle an invite to stately Parsnips manor.

    Mmmm-mmm! That’s a gooooood deviled egg! Good deviled egg!

    While you’re here, why not add something to the always-falling-off-the-fridge Kitchen White Board, a Parsnips Family Tradition that I started last night while preparing my renowned Sea Foam Salad and drinking.

    I think there’s a little room left next to Boolreenkle. However, before you add anything, if you could sketch a rough image of what you intend to do on this cocktail napkin here. Just so I can be sure it fits the theme and that you have a good grasp of the  house style. (Yes, yes, “pepperoni” and “shrimps” went up there when I wasn’t looking – what can you do?)

    Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving to one and all of, what, the six of you.

    Posted by on November 22, 2012, 1:37 PM.

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