1. A Close Call!

    There I was at my local Dollar Tree last week, sure, rooting through the book section, like a pig searching for a truffle or an unsupervised local anchor tot. Except I guess the pig knows what it’s looking for. (A truffle, not an unsupervised local anchor tot. That was just the second in a short list of two items.) Me, I was just making a mess of things (and I somehow lost that frozen José Olé chimichanga I meant to buy – probably left the damned thing on the back of the shelf among the few books that didn’t end up on the floor). Anyway, imagine both my surprise as well as my delight when I came across this:

    Holy Superhero Comic Book Spectaculars, Batman! It was a Superhero Comic Book Spectacular! The 2 Count Value Pack! And it was the ultra-rare (one presumes) Super Hero & Super Villain Edition! Plus there was 1 Free Bonus Super Hero Trading Card In Every Bag!

    So what was in it? Here are the contents as though torn from the very back of the package! (Actually I snipped it neatly with a pair of scissors.)

    Comic Books, a Trading Card, Guaranteed NO Duplication, Super Fun and Bring Excitement – all for a buck?! Why, I’d have been a fool to pass this up. I bought it!

    And while I love the whole package – the Free Bonus Superhero Trading Card, the Super Fun, the Bring Excitement, and all the rest – I think it’s that extra effort that the good people at Cards One (the distributor) made to guarantee no duplication of comic books – among a veritable grab bag of two comic books – that I really appreciated.

    Some might feel that it’s a little frustrating to read a single issue from the ongoing sagas that were DC’s “Hawkworld” (1990) or Eclipse Comics’ “The New Wave” (1986), not knowing the characters nor their backstories – their origins, if you will – or the story lines thus far – in short, really not having any context whatsoever or frame of reference to anything at all that’s going on. But I look at it as part of the “Bring Excitement back to reading.”

    And it’s definitely part of the “Super Fun to bring the whole family together” – indeed, this Saturday, the entire family Parsnips will be piling into the car and heading back to that Dollar Tree to tear apart that goddamn book section again until we find Superhero Comic Book Spectacular 2 Count Value Packs with “Hawkworld” issues 1 through 6 and 8 through 32, and “The New Wave” issues 1, 2, 3, and 5 through 13. And if we don’t find them there, I know of three other Dollar Trees in the area!

    By the way, if anyone has any A-Team trading card duplicates to swap, let me know. I don’t need #57 (“A Close Call!”).

    Posted by on August 17, 2011, 9:00 AM.

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