1. 25 Pounds of Hilarity!

    IT’S the day after Christmas, and you’re there at home relaxing with family. Here’s a fun one for you to pass around on that $67 refurbished Hipstreet Titan XK HS-7DTB84 your mother got for you at Big Lots on Black Friday after you mentioned you wanted a tablet.

    Okay, ready?  I’ll make this quick – the battery life on that thing’s not exactly optimum, is it?

    So I’m at Costco, right?, and I see this:


    Cat food?! I thought “Maintenance Cat” was who you call when the mouse disposal in your apartment gets clogged.

    Look, folks, the rest of the internet’s giving you end-of-the-year, ‘best-of’ nonsense this week. Here you’re getting all new content, such as it is, so let’s not be too quick to complain, hmm?

    Posted by on December 26, 2013, 6:19 PM.

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