1. WD-40!

    HERE’S something you’ll offer up at the water cooler at the office and earn the respect of your peers for always having something fresh and lively to contribute:

    It’s an ad featuring Arly Emery, that fellow who’s always shouting and pointing.

    I don’t mind telling you I was leafing through a Do-It Center flyer over lunch the other day, maybe looking for a good deal on paving stones for that retaining wall project we’ve talked about when I saw this. I knew I had to let you know about it.

    Anyway, Arly is the new face of WD-40, and no one’s more excited than you and I.  “Lock & Load, Maggots,” he seems to say since that’s printed by his head with his (facsimile) signature below.

    It seems WD-40 has new collectible cans which I’m eager to add to my collection, and now you are, too. I was kind of ambivalent at first, but his peppy “Lock & Load, Maggots!” sealed the deal for me. That’s what really kind of encouraged me to pick these up.

    The ad says “Collect all 4 cans!” and you bet I will. They’ll look great on the shelf next to my Great Muppet Caper commemorative bottles that Simple Green offered some time ago.

    Posted by on May 6, 2011, 9:00 AM.

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