1. Walmart Lights the Way!

    I KNOW HOW everyone likes to give people like me a hard time for shopping at the “evil retail juggernaut” Walmart and by doing so, helping to put the so-called “little guy” out of business, but come on!  The local Mom & Pop solar LED landscape light stores just can’t hold a solar LED landscape light to Walmart when it comes to selection!

    Just look at this! Holy crap, it goes on forever!

    God bless America, brother!  God bless America!

    Guys like me, we’re not going to let ourselves be hedged in by the lousy handful of solar LED landscape light options the small, independently-owned stores offer when it comes to making our solar LED landscape light decisions. I think I speak for everyone everywhere when I say it’s certainly not something we take (solar LED landscape) lightly – especially when purchasing something as important as solar LED landscape lights.

    This despite the fact that none of us realized we needed them until they were invented a few years ago!

    Posted by on June 19, 2012, 4:58 AM.

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