1. Sherman Versus Berman, Round II!

    IT OCCURS TO ME when I recently complained about all of those pointless political flyers I’d received in the mail (final tally: a ludicrous seventy-eight!), yet expressed amusement and delight with one of Brad Sherman’s mailers attacking Howard Berman, you might have misinterpreted my fondness for the ad as an endorsement of Sherman himself.

    No, no, a thousand times no!

    (It also occurs to me that my, what, six readers, none of whom likely reside in Southern California, have any interest in a local political race. Yet here I go again.)

    So in the interest of fairness – and, brother, if life were fair, neither of these jackasses would be running for office – in the interest of fairness, I offer what I have determined to be an accurate cross-section of the surprisingly disparate Brad Sherman voter demographic, courtesy the back page of that same flyer.

    Who’s Voting for Brad Sherman?
    1. Ethnically vague nap-sacked hermaphrodites
    2. Retired organ grinders
    3. Undocumented capybaras
    4. Carmen Zapata circa “Villa Alegre”
    5. Bobby Hill
    6. Deep Roy
    7. Fundamentalist Mormon sister-wives
    8. Julian Assange

    So there you have it. We’re all even-steven now.

    Wait, wait!

    Here’s today’s mail.        …Oh my. 

    Magnificent. Even if ’72 is a little early for the disco angle.

    Okay, I’m still not going to vote for either of these guys for Congress. But if Brad Sherman was nominated for Best Withering Political Attack Ad Campaign On Annoying Oversized Flyers That No One Ever Reads, he’d be on stage thanking the Academy tonight.

    Posted by on November 6, 2012, 4:04 AM.

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