1. Scrabble, Schmabble!

    ATTENTION brainiacs!  Calling all wordsmiths!

    Now’s a great time to pick up the home version of “Words with Friends” – the thinking man’s game! It’s on sale at Target! $17.99! For a limited time only!

    The popular mobile game comes to life! Says so right on the box!

    Look! Look!


    Now you can play the blatant Scrabble ripoff in home, in person, with actual physical tiles, against opponents face to face,  just like Scrabble!

    However, I’m wondering how Words with Friends: The Home Version handles its legions of genius mobile players’ most-beloved feature: The ability to continually place random letter combinations that kinda sound like they miiight be a word in various places around the board until they stumble into something that the game accepts.

    Posted by on March 23, 2013, 3:59 AM.

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