1. It’s August 1st Already!

    THANK GOODNESS that I visited Big Lots the other day – otherwise I wouldn’t have realized it’s high time we start getting ready for Thanksgiving!

    Aww, won’t Allison be disappointed! She was going to have all her little friends over on Saturday for a pool party. It’s going to break her heart when she comes home from day camp this afternoon to find I’ve put the cover on the pool and closed it up for the season. Ooh, that reminds me, I’ll have to move the gas grill back into the shed, too. Seems I hardly got to use it this past summer. I guess we none of us realized how far along we are in the year!

    Anyway, maybe I’ll head over to Dollar Tree and check out their Thanksgiving section…

    …and perhaps pick up some holiday-themed craft items for the girls to work with. Inside, where it’s warm. Since they obviously won’t be able to go swimming! Not with Thanksgiving just around the corner!

    There.  Boom.  Done.  Little girls love stickers.

    Don’t you hate how all this holiday stuff just creeps up on you every year?! Thank Christ for places like Dollar Tree and Big Lots – otherwise we’d have forgotten all about Thanksgiving until it was too late!

    I’ll have to remind Jean to get a turkey at the supermarket – I just hope there’s time to defrost it before the big day. Oh, and the in-laws had better be going to her goddamn brother’s place this year. Three years in a row at our house is enough!

    And what else…? Ah, the DVR! I need to set it to record the parade! Like you, I sure hope they bring back the Bullwinkle balloon this year!

     The good one, in the old-fashioned bathing suit!

    Posted by on August 1, 2012, 4:19 AM.

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