1. “For God So Loved The World…

    …that He gave His only begotten son.”

    He gave his only begotten son eight fingers is what he gave him!

    Oh, sure, impose on Him to change water into wine for your party, no problem; see if He wouldn’t mind raising the dead for you, it’s done. But ask Him what size Isotoners he wears so you can get him a little something for Christmas, and suddenly things get awkward.

    Look, I know it’s not unusual for cartoon characters to have only four fingers per hand, but when that cartoon character is based on a real-life celebrity, in this case the Christ, shouldn’t you go the extra mile and draw that fifth digit?

    While I’m at it – since I’m going to hell anyway for mocking not only the Lord himself as well as the perfectly reasonable artwork by some anonymous artist out there who can draw better than me – while I’m at it, what’s up with this?

    The open-palm bent-pinky gesture, that is! Why do so many cartoonists do this? Is it just a little artisterly pretension? A cartoonisterly affectation? Jesus’s other hand doesn’t look that way. Or is that the point – to mix things up a bit, you know – break the fingeral monotony so the two hands don’t look identical?

    Or does Jesus suffer from early onset rheumatoid arthritis and it’s painful to unbend that pinky?

    Now I’ll be the first to admit that I used to draw the open-palm bent-pinky gesture, or OPBPG, myself, but in my defense, I learned it by watching you!

    And by “you,” I don’t mean you, but rather the output of pretty much everyone at Archie Comics, from Bob Goldschwartz to Stann Montecarlo as well as the entire stable of Harvey Comics artists, none of whom I know by name. (Don’t worry; neither do you.)

    Look! Look!

    They all used it! They all used the OPBPG! Why? Why?!

    Who holds their hand this way?!  It’s not easy!  Try it! No, go ahead – try it!

    If you’re like me you’re just going to end up with finger cramps and stigmata.

    Posted by on July 9, 2012, 4:24 AM.

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