1. Exclusive Look at the 2013 Oscar Nominees’ $45,000 Gift Baskets!

    FRIDAY morning, I got a call from my employment agency, the Temp Bag, with an assignment: head over to the Kodak Dolby Theater in Hollywood and sit in the audience for their run-through of Sunday’s show. They needed people to stand in for the stars for lighting, camera blocking, etc. I spent the day with a sign reading “Anne Hathaway” hanging from my neck. (I was hoping to be Joaquin Phoenix, but everyone agreed I’m more of an Anne Hathaway.)

    Anyway, when we broke for lunch (industry term), I managed to sneak backstage (Not allowed! Shh!) where I snapped this picture of those legendary Oscar gift baskets they give to the nominees.


    Man, I tell you, those celebrities have it all!

    Posted by on February 23, 2013, 4:06 AM.

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