1. Carl’s Jr. Enters the Fast Food Munchies War!

    SPEAKING of Jack in the Box – as I was in my last post – they recently unleashed their “Munchie Meals” to us, an eager public! They’re four different deliciously unhealthy combos with enormous amounts of fat, calories and sodium, aimed at the stoner crowd and available only from 9 pm to 5 am.


    How bad for you are they?

    Well, each one averages a whopping 1643 calories and 3315 milligrams sodium. They’re advertising them with Late Night Jack – a puppet version of their popular Jack character that apparently appeals to the Adult Swim demographic or something, I don’t know. (Don’t worry, regular, humanoid Jack is still in their other commercials.)

    Advertising their food to lovers of cannabis is nothing new for Jack in the Box. This is a commercial from at least six years ago:

    And there was a sequel, too, a year or so later – same baked guy, but a little heavier. No wonder!

    Anyway, Jack in the Box isn’t the only quick-serve [industry term] place happy to tackle the ravenous appetites of hungry smokers of wacky tobaccy!  Check this out, in the window of my local Carl’s Jr.


    They get points for subtlety, sure, but really: how many potheads out there are craving fish after sucking on a bong all night?

    Posted by on October 25, 2013, 5:57 PM.

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