1. Big Lots Presents Exciting Flavor Combinations!

    Big Lots!

    SO I was at Big Lots the other day looking for jars filled with cotton candy that had either dried out or gotten moist – one or the other, who knows? – so that the once big fluffy wads sat like dense, pastel-colored hockey pucks of sugar at the bottom of their plastic containers. Mmmmm-mm!



    Having checked that off my list, it was over to the next aisle where I was faced with a difficult decision:

    Did I have a hankering for chocolate flavored wine?


    …Or was it Banana Moon Pie flavored coffee that I craved?


    While trying to  make up my mind, I wandered over to their furniture department and fell asleep in the bottom bunk of one of those metal pipe-frame kids beds. By the time I woke up six hours later, I was completely sober and of course wanted neither. Problem solved!

    Posted by on February 26, 2013, 3:10 AM.

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