1. A Present From Mr. Whiskers!

    CONTRARY to popular belief, Mr. Whiskers, though old and gray, can apparently still move fast enough to take down one of our fine feathered friends.


    And how nice of him to leave the leftovers on the back stoop, where I walked out this morning, barefoot, and, eh, found it. Oh, believe me, there was more to my gift, but Mr. W’s the modest sort, and so he asked I not photograph the legs and entrails, which I understand is a delicacy. Just apparently not to cats.

    He’s a giver, Mr. Whiskers, is.

    Why, just last month he also left one of his trademark elongated hairball/Friskies Buffet vomit sausages for me. On the car.


    “What a nice fellow, your Mr. Whiskers,” you say. “Placing it, as he did, precisely where it can be flung free with just a convenient swipe of the wiper blade.”

    Oh no. As evidenced by the smear trail on my windshield, he horked it out on the edge of the roof and it slowly sliiiiid down.

    Posted by on July 20, 2013, 1:14 PM.

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