1. A Message for Memorial Day!

    AS YOU KNOW, it’s been a longstanding annual tradition around the ol’ blog here to run over to the local Walmart and check out that year’s patriotic t-shirt. Hell, I’ve been doing this each and every year since I’ve had a blog!

    Walmart graciously offers a new “Faded Glory” t-shirt for us patriotic customers to buy from them each year starting around Memorial Day  – so that it’s good an’ broken in by the time Independence Day rolls around (which falls on July 4th this year).

    Here’s 2012’s offering:

    Gorgeous! Can we get a close-up on the design?

    Ah, makes your heart swell with pride, don’t it?

    Now last year, I pointed out that Walmart’s previous patriotical shirts had been manufactured in Pakistan and Nicaragua.

    I checked with our resident eight year-old “mapophile” Dylan (who you should know made it all the way to the classroom finals of Mrs. Silverstein’s Geography Bee, and very nearly had a place in the grade-wide competition where he would have competed against children in Mrs. Maroni’s class across the hall – if that little pain-in-the-ass know-it-all Brianna Wong had called in sick) and Dylan confirmed what I long suspected – Pakistan and Nicaragua are foreign countries and not part of the United States.

    Walmart was farming out their lucrative t-shirts-with-American-flags-on-them business to other, non-US countries!

    Like you, I was more than a little disappointed with this.

    But take heart! I think Walmart’s starting to get the message. No longer are we buying shirts that are stitched together by foreigners in such foreign places as Nicaragua or Pakistan, no sir!

    Well, at least it’s a little closer to America than its neighbor to the south, Pakistan.

    Posted by on May 28, 2012, 3:53 AM.

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